When living in New Zealand, I was frequently graced with a whale or dolphin encounter. To spot a Humpback or an Orca from my window was something I would never have dreamed of. As a marine mammal medic, I have attended Pilot whale strandings that leaves your soul raw. When you look into the eyes of these beautiful creatures, you see intelligence and feel a connection. Drawing them takes me in to the deep. While exploring their form, I also get a feel for their environment, the colours of the ocean and the diffuse light from above. Curiosity is the start of a new series. Check out my blog to read the latest updates about my journey.

The drawings below are no longer available. Giclee limited edition prints are available. 


Curiosity, Sold
2020, Charcoal and chalk on toned paper
Framed,92x69 cm
Photo credit Ingrid Visser / ORT for the use of their photographic image as reference.
This work is protected by copyright and may not be used to promote cetaceans in captivity
Aquanimity (sold)
2020, Mixed media
Framed 71.5x93 cm
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Aquanimity (sold)

2020, Mixed media Framed 71.5x93 cm