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Welcome to my gallery. My artistic journey started in New Zealand, the beautiful land dominated by ocean, mountains and vast skies. The birds, the sea and the whales and dolphins brought me loads of inspiration, and I discovered how to express their beauty in my work. I have recently moved back to my home country, The Netherlands, where my inspiration continues. My drawings tell a story about my journey around the world and my journey in to art. They tell of the creatures I’ve encountered: the cheeky birds, and the gentle giants of the sea. My artworks include pencil and ink drawings, as well as drawings using charcoal and chalk on toned paper. Enjoy roaming through my art works. Only a few original drawings are still available but limited edition Giclee prints are available for most drawings. 

Weighing the odds


From the ones that glide above the ocean to the cheekiest of all.

Aquanimity_drawing_C Goedbloed_whale.jpg

Creatures of the deep

Meet Aquanimity and imagine the ones that will follow.

Annie in blue.JPG


A window to the soul.

CJ Goedbloed_Linde jaar 1820.tif


Finding new ground

5% of your purchase of birds, trees, dolphin and whale drawings will be donated to specific preservation projects.

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