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Updated: Jan 7

In March I had the pleasure to present my tree drawings at the Brabant Art fair at the Large Church in Breda. This was a beautiful location to have an exhibition. Me and my husband diligently hung my newly framed drawings and when done, I was really pleased with the result. The branches of the trees in my drawings extended towards the high arched ceilings and my cheeky Kea casted a challenging look at all who dared to pass by. The hard work was rewarded by the sale of two of my drawings, although parting with your work is always a bit ambivalent. A good incentive to make some more.

While the art fair is long finished and the apple trees in de garden are bearing fruit, I have been slowly awakening from my painting slumber. In preparation of another bird painting from a taxidermized starling, I’ve been practising with painting eggs and apples. No feathers involved but it is a good way to go through the hoops with paint handling and transitions. I find that last bit very intriguing, as it always seems to be so much more a looking/observing effort than anything else. The transition of light to dark, from one hue to another and from warm to cool. Even in an apple, there is so much going on that my mind has a hard time to register and apply the paint accordingly. In ‘just’ looking there is a lot of assuming involved. In the daily routine, it is so easy to do things without giving it a second thought. But when you stand still, listen and observe, other things come to the surface. Things that, when you take the time to respond too, make the effort and the result so much more worthwhile. Translating this to my painting practise, I must admit that I lose myself so easily in the attempt to ‘solve it’. To make a beautiful painting without any effort, without looking at all the subtle breaks in the roundness of the fruit, the freshness of the colour and at the subtle transitions in the hues. I am so eager to make progress that I forget about the most essential part: to appreciate what is in front of me. Apart from all the technical stuff, my goal is to appreciate, as I think that meaningful creation starts from there. So, my starling will have to wait patiently.

In the meantime, I’m preparing for an exhibition in visitor centre Tenella plas, Rockanje (24-26th of June ‘22). As the venue is all about local flora and fauna in the dune area, I decided to first finish a few bird drawings that where somewhat neglected. I will also be exhibiting the portrait of my great grandmother Anna de Voogd. This was one of my first portrait drawings. It is very special to have it on show in an area not so far from our roots.

Come say hello when you’re in the area 😊

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