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Journey into art

Welcome to my blog. I started my journey in 1967 near the banks of the river Schelde and the shores of the North Sea. I was not particular artistic as a child and for a long time I claimed not to have a creative bone in my body. It turned out that I was wrong and just needed some reinvention. For me, the turning point came when I moved to Wellington, New Zealand, in 2012. This beautiful land brought a bus load of inspiration. With the ocean on my doorstep and the hills in the back, I couldn’t get enough of this new world around me. At the same time, I felt a little lost. I was far away from friends and family and had left behind a career in health care. There I was, all the time in the world with a choice what to do next.

The first call of my inner artist came when beach fossicking on the west coast of the South island. I discovered a lovely green stone: Pounamu or jade. Love was instant and I started jade carving. With a little help from friendly jade artists, Brian and Hene Hill, I happily started turning jade in to pendants. Inspiration came from Maori symbols and from the many shapes of nature. Birds, waves and marine life filled my head while working with the green stones until a bug brought me to full stop and I was in bed for a month.

While recovering in horizontal position I became immensely bored and decided to do some drawing. This turned out to be a new step on my journey. The world of observing and creating, of shapes, lines, tones and colours, of inspiration and despair. Like many artists, I was close to giving up a few times. But curiosity kept me going. So here I am, working this website and writing this blog. I hope you enjoy my journey and adventure.


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Lia Goedbloed
Lia Goedbloed
01 mag 2020

Wow, little sister, I'm impressed. Your talent for drawing, your creativity and making this website, it's very beautiful. Keep on going this way. I am proud of you!


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